The Cinque Terre & Pisa

  • 7:00 pick up
  • 8:30 arrival in Portovenere
  • 8:50 departure by ferry or train
  • 15:00 departure for Pisa
  • 16:30 stop in Pisa
  • 17:00 departure for livorno
  • 17:30 drop off
Duration: About 10 hours
VehicleMercedes-Benz Minivan
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English speaking driver guaranteed

The Cinque Terre is an absolute natural sanctuary for trekkers and backpackers. Five towns cling to the Ligurian cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Feast your eyes on striking small fishing villages which have remained virtually untouched and whose residents have preserved the traditional way of life. Noteworthy are the breathtaking vineyards and olive trees which cover the coast.

There are different ways of moving about in the Cinque Terre; The most common are ferry and train. Below you will find a set of useful information to help you decide.

We will then drive back to Livorno port, but first, take a selfie with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

This tour is physically demanding ideal for trekkers in good health. We do not advise you to visit the coast by car as many paths are quite dangerous given the ragged and narrow terrain which is prone to landslides.


U.S. Toll Free  +1 800 653 7908

from 07:00 am to 14:00 pm (West coast time)
from 07:00 am to 17:00 pm (Est coast time)
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By Ferry

You will be driven to Portovenere, a small town near the Cinque Terre. Your driver will drop you off at the docks where you will be able to purchase your tickets (price per person € 22).

Usually the meeting point for the return journey is at the last of the five “Terre”, Monterosso around 15:30.

If you love jaw-dropping sceneries, then we highly recommend you admire them from the waters.

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By Train

There is no train station in Portovenere therefore you will be driven to Riomaggiore, the first of the “Five lands”.

Again, the typical meeting point will be in Monterosso around 15:30.

While the ferry experience is more eye-catching, the train ride is considerably quicker and more economic.

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